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Marriage encompasses every aspect of our lives as spouses. We want to equip you with the tools to navigate around the roadblocks. A roadblock is an issue that may arise in your lives that can impact your life, your marriage. Do you remember the vows, “for better, for worsefor richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part?” With our passion for taking care of the temple God has given you, we are offering various consulting options to prevent or navigate the negatives. Below you can find some of the services we currently provide.


Marriage Coaching

We are excited to equip you with the tools to help make your marriage stronger and more fun. Are you ready to get started?

Health Consulting

We are passionate about healing the body naturally. We share resources on what we have learned through our own journeys and from holistic health professionals.

We are always looking to partner with others who are passionate about serving others. If you are looking to add another stream of income, join us.

Join my Amare team 

Products. Programs. People.

Our mission is to create a holistic mental wellness platform of products, programs, and people.

“Amare” means “to love” in Latin, and love is the universal language. Yet, in order to truly love others, we believe you must first start by loving yourself.

Our vision at Amare is to lead the global mental wellness revolution. By inspiring people to love and believe in themselves, we envision they will live an extraordinary life and make a difference for others.

Let’s build something together!

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