Marcus and Carol

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip couples with the resources needed to navigate the roadblocks of marriage. There are roadblocks that try to stop people on their path of life, and we want to help be your guide to not allow them to stop your journey.

You can find our writings, videos, and more info at the Resources tab. We go LIVE on Facebook at least 2 times weekly, we’ll post a blog weekly, and be sure to look out for our future YouTube channel and more!

Our History

Marcus and Carol Butler here, and we are excited to share more with you. Also known as #TeamButler, we are passionate about family, our faith in Jesus Christ, marriage, wellness, homeschool, and so much more. Marcus currently works in the mortgage industry, and I homeschool our 5 children. After being consulted over the years and under the direction of the Holy Spirit, we created this space to share with you and your families. Our desire to help Christian marriages have a strong foundation, encourage men and women in their faith, provide practical advice in natural wellness, and serve as led by the Holy Spirit. 

Contact Us

Charlotte, NC
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