Feeling Like Dirt?

How does God speak to you?  In the car, in the shower, while your brushing your teeth?  Everybody has a different way they hear God speak.  I find that going on runs allows me to spend time with my “Daddy” and hear what He is speaking to me.  A couple days ago I was coming to the end of my run and thinking “God I am ready for change because this sucks.”  Suddenly He began to speak. He gave me the image of a pie shell, how by itself it is not much. No one raves over a pie shell, until it is filled with pie filling and placed into the oven. Suddenly a process takes place that feels uncomfortable because of the intense heat (pressure).

Then He spoke to me again and said “for so long you have been at the dirt level, the very bottom.  Dirt never knows that it is at the bottom because that is all that it has ever known.  It has become complacent and satisfied with its low level.  But the Gardener sees the potential of the dirt and begins to till the land.  As this process is taking place, the dirt is crying out “stop stop, it hurts, why are you doing this to me.”  Meanwhile, the Gardener says wait and see, it is for your good.  In the end, the Gardener has turned this dirt into a beautiful garden much more valuable than it was in its previous state.  Then God began to reveal His great love to me.  He said “as the Baker knew the right temperature to bake the pie and the Gardener knew how to turn that dirt into so much more — a garden (which produces), so I see you not as who you are but as what you will be.”  The realization that the pressure that I am facing is just for a moment and God is getting ready to turn me into to something valuable, was made evident. A process had to occur in me first so that I would no longer think on a Dirt level.

So I say to all of you who are feeling like Dirt, allow God to develop you and mold you into what He knows you are.  Your time to Blossom is now.Jeremiah 18:1-4

God bless!

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Follower of Christ, husband to a gorgeous wife, father to a gorgeous daughter, and founder of Hope Rebuilt International Ministries.

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